Sunday, October 12, 2014

FCPO - Consolidation Or Retracement For Now -10/13/2014

The market continues to drift sideway during the past week. More evidence is pointing at a continuation of a listless market. Please take note that the Bollinger Band has begun to tighten or squeeze. The ADX continues to fall and it is fast falling toward the 20's signal line. Both these 2 are confirming the current listless mode.
The MACD stays positive but it has been turning downward. The Stochastic has been negative and falling but now seems to be trying to turn around. The positive DMI continues to deteriorate as the D+ has now fallen below its 30's signal line,  this means the buyers have been leaving. But the D- has been flat and that mean the sellers are not too enthusiastic too. So this is reinforcing my earlier reading of falling ADX and tightening Bollinger Band as all are pointing at a listless mode.

The weekly chart continues to improve toward the bull. Price managed to stay above the bottom band and went slightly higher than the previous week. MACD has finally turned positive again. The Stochastic continues to rise. THE slower reacting DMI remains negative but the D- has finally crossed below its 30's signal line. This means the sellers have finally lost their faith. But as like the previous week, the D+ has actually turned down and it is below its 20's signal line. This is telling me that eh buyers are also lacking faith. The falling ADX means the prior trend has ended.
The current consolidation or even some correction should be good for the return of a bigger bull cycle.

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