Monday, May 26, 2014

 Bolehland's Vietnam Embassy Staff - "You Die Your Business"

In the Chinese Press: M'sians in trouble in Vietnam told to write report

PETALING JAYA (May 16): Instead of getting immediate supports, Malaysians in Vietnam who sought help from the Malaysian consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, amid anti-China riot, were told to file in a report!

Lee Pei Pei, an operational staff of Malaysian furniture manufacturer Latitude Tree Vietnam Joint Stock Company (LTV), told Oriental Daily News that they were told to call back after lunch hour when they made an emergency call to the consulate.

When the company staff called the consulate again around 2pm, informing them the situation had gone out of control with mobs looting and damaging their factory, the consular staff asked them to send in an email with pictures and a report on the situation instead of giving them immediate support.

“We were very disappointed with the ‘red-tape’ that we had to face in a state of panic. Even so we still sent them a few pictures and briefed them the situation which had gone out of control, urging them to provide helps and supports immediately.”

Lee and her female colleague was later rushed back to her hostel with the help of their Vietnamese colleagues before dressing up to look like the Vietnamese and fleeing with their passports.

LTV was one of the Malaysian enterprises in Vietnam that have been looted and forced to cease operation after the country’s anti-China protest turned violent.

Earlier, its Malaysian-listed parent company Latitude Tree Holdings Bhd told Bursa Malaysia that rioters had entered the premise and factory of LTV, located in the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park.

Latitude said the main office building of LTV had been vandalised, ransacked and looted by the rioters, with some important data, permits, licenses and documents destroyed or burnt.

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